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Lewes, Delaware

Quiet and dignified, charming and friendly, Lewes is perhaps the most beloved town in Delaware, and certainly a perennial favorite for travelers who savor quiet strolls on boutique-filled streets, or a relaxing meal by the water at one of the town’s excellent restaurants. Full of history and filled with unanticipated discoveries, its old homes and nautical heritage are not to be missed, and visitors would do well to explore its fascinating story before setting out. Sometimes seen as a place at the beach for people who want to escape “the beach,” Lewes’ bayside ambience manages to evoke the best attributes of Coastal Delaware, but still linger in the memory as a secluded and secret treasure that’s all your own. - Visit Delaware

The South’s Best Small Towns In Every State 2018 | Delaware: Lewes

Southern Living Magazine

June 2018

It’s the rare town that delivers on the promise of “something for everyone,” made better by the fact that they have a hotel run by the beer savants at Dogfish Head. (Their main brewery is a few miles down the road in Milton.) Local spots like Matt’s Fish Camp are synonymous with summer for Delawareans, and Heirloom would give any farm-to-table spot in Soho or Venice Beach a run for its money.


May 2017

Lewes (population 3,127) has the same coastal character and historic preservation tendencies as Cape May, only with fewer tourists and more affordable real estate. And there is a local citizenry dedicated to keeping the charm and history in balance.

Coastal Living Magazine

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